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“Anything is possible! Follow your dreams! Live your best life!”

Sometimes when we hear these phrases they can be really annoying. You know why their annoying? Because of the limits, reasons and excuses we convinced ourselves that we must be practical, realistic and safe. The wild dreams we used to have (or never even created) have made their way to the far back of the sock drawer with the old, worn out undies we never wear. Gross.

So here we are, watching Netflix and chilling, scrolling through Instagram at other people’s exciting lives wishing we were somewhere else. We feel stuck in safety and security, doing what we think we ‘should’ be doing and never really feeling fully fulfilled. There is hardly any play, creativity or imagination. And there is definitely no magic.

WHAT HAPPENED?! Is this how we are going to live our one precious life here on planet earth?

I say NO. I say YAS to the ‘impossible, the far-fetched, and unrealistic’ dreams that make our toes curl and heart pound. The ones that if we ever accomplished we would think, “I can die happy now.” The ones we would tell our grand-kids about. These are the things worth living for. These are the things worth putting our energy, time and effort into creating. These are the things we ‘must’ do, where we feel fully alive, inspired and yes, probably so scared sometimes. This is the journey of Living the Dream. This is why we are here.

This workshop is the start of your journey toward Living the Dream.

This is the way of the new generation, the heart-centered, the visionaries. This is where we come together to explore our own unique dreams that honor our values, create our vision through artistic expression & take bold action toward making our dreams into reality. This is where we choose to be a conscious creator of our life. This is where we play the divine game of life. This is where we start to make our life extraordinarily epic.

Are you ready to play?

Join Lauren and a community of dreamers to get inspired, empowered and ready to wake up every day saying,
“Living the Dream!”


Please bring a journal, pen, yoga mat, blanket and an open mind. Please leave judgement, fear and skepticism at home. It’s not needed for this workshop. ;) There will be healthy vegan snacks and tea provided for your enjoyment but please ALSO bring your own lunch so you don't get really hungry.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call Lauren at 022-516-6707. She’d be stoked to talk!



Lauren Hill is a creative visionary, travel vlogger, life coach, yoga teacher & wanderluster. Lauren’s mission is to inspire and empower people to make every day the best day ever. Lauren loves prolonged eye contact, making bliss balls, and getting absolutely crazy on the dance floor. Most importantly, she’s obsessed when people have ‘aha!’ moments that ignites a fire in their heart bringing them closer to love.