What is your wildest dream? Your dream career? Your dream home? Your dream partner? Your dream community? Your dream life? 

Dream big.


What do you want more than anything in the world?!

Now ask yourself, why aren't you living that dream?

You probably have convinced yourself that it's unrealistic, impractical, and totally far fetched.

 You probably have come up with hundreds of excuses.

Excuses like, "I don't have the money. I don't have the time. I'm already on one path.  I'm too scared. I'm not __ enough. I'm not ready yet."

I've heard them all.

They are not truths. They are mind made limitations. They all just cover up your intense inner fear and doubt.

 I'm here to show you that living your dream is realistic, is possible, is attainable, is achievable and is closer than you think. 

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My vision is for you to manifest your dream life


I am here to support you as you consciously create your life according to your own unique dreams, vision, purpose, heart, and desire. 

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With me as your coach you will get...

  • Support to identify & create your dream life

  • Inspiration to keep your spirits lifted

  • Guidance to stay directed on your unique path

  • Various spiritual tools to align you with your highest self

  • Weekly soul insights & exciting action plans

  • Accountability for achieving your dreams & goals

  • Strategies, support and space to manifest your dreams


Let's connect, collaborate & create your dream life together!

Love from my clients...

Lauren Hill is an amazing life coach! She helped me identify my life purpose and realize my potential to grow. We had great sessions where we did really cool exercises to explore and get in touch with my inner spirit. Thanks so much Lauren!
— Su
The coaching with Lauren was a really great experience and changed how I see my past, current and future life. She is a very empathic, strong and powerful woman. After the setting I was full of energy and had a strong desire to finally speak up for myself and to focus on what I really want to do in my life! Lauren encouraged me to believe in myself and I really want to thank her for everything she gave me on my way! Lots of love.
— Julia
If you’re interested in the sensation of acceptance to unleash your truest self, Lauren is your guide. Not many can hold the space you are standing in and help you unlock the gates you surrounded yourself in. However, coaching with Lauren a few times shed light on my belief systems that were gating me and felt freeing to release fears that lingered. I met Lauren at a time of major recaliberation from Lyme disease. A time that opened me up forcefully and left me in the raw to clear whatever was left that no longer belonged to me from my past. I’m grateful to have had the experience to keep me still to see and feel and let go. I’m further grateful to the beauty Lauren who helped me scrape out the remains of mud and let my soul shine its true color, shade and brilliance. Endless love.
— N.B.
Receiving a coaching session from Lauren was honestly a wonderful experience. She helped me with getting clearer about my life purpose and also to improve my self love and self acceptance. During the session I felt really safe and comfortable being around Lauren. She gave me enough space to express and be myself fully. I’ve had experiences with her that I’ve never had before. I learned that there is something else in this universe which gives us the power to connect with our true higher self, and that is what I could experience with Lauren’s help and support. She guided me through this experiense with so much love and care I am incredibly grateful for.
— Catha
Lauren is an energetic and thoughtful coach. She helped me craft my life purpose. Her insights were spot on and very valuable.
— Faisal
Lauren was my classmate at CTI-the Coaches Training Institute. I got to know her during this program, and she coached me on several occasions. She is an enthusiastic, dedicated, compassionate and intuitive coach, who truly radiates peace, positivity, and love. I highly recommend her—schedule a sample session with Lauren today!
— Pamela