Powerless to Powerful

I’m done hiding my power.

I’m done downplaying my knowledge, my skills, my talents, my ideas, my value, my light, my essence, my ability, my purpose, my passion.

I know it has been inside me all along and it wasn’t until I met the most inspiring, wonder woman, who saw my full power and what I am capable of that allowed me to see it for myself.

To have someone believe in me like that brought me to tears. Why haven’t I believed in myself like that? Why don’t all of us?

The time is over that I stop letting my fears of not being good enough, not being ready, not being perfect, not being… whatever… get in the way of living in my power and using my gifts.

I have a gift.

It is my energy. It is my ideas. It is my creativity. It is my desire and drive to help people see inside of their souls, into their power.

How can I see another person’s power when I wasn’t embracing mine?

Same question as how can I coach people to live there dream when I’m not living mine?

That’s why I quit my corporate job and got certified as a life coach, moved to New Zealand, bought a van, painted the van, got a job and home at a yoga retreat centre and consciously created my dream life.

Now I am living the dream. So hard.

Now, I feel confident in coaching people to do this. To follow their heart. To travel. To be free. To be wild. To surrender. To go into the unknown.

I have always wanted to help people channel their inner superpower.

Superpower being their essence, gift, energy, or purpose.

Whether it be through their mind [through coaching], through their body [through teaching yoga] or through their spirit [a beautiful combination of both].  

If I could change one thing about humans, it would be for everyone to know that you are infinitely powerful.

That you have a superpower.

That you can use your unique abilities and make a difference in the world.

When you are using your power, you feel unstoppable, incredible, influential. When you are using your power, everyone benefits from the super human you are. Everyone wins.

The world becomes a beautiful place… We all feel like we have a purpose, we all feel like we know ourselves and our differences and we live in a world where magic, joy and love exist all around us.

What a world that would be… A world of superhumans.

Living your dream, living your power, being the change you wish to see in the world.

Now I know my superpower. Besides being the “fizzy ball of positive energy.” I see your power. I feel your power. I believe in your power.

Welcome to my journey in creating a world of superhumans.  

One day, one person, one superpower at a time…