Fear to Love

Why do I have so many ideas?

Why do I never complete most of them?

Why is it so hard for me to follow through on projects?

Why do I constantly come up with business ideas and do nothing about them?

Why aren’t I successful?

Why do I have 3 Facebook business pages which I used for a week and never looked back on?

Why have I started 30 books and only finished 3?

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Maybe because I have a hard time completing things.

Maybe because I am just an idea person.

Maybe because they aren’t good ideas.

Maybe I'm too scared...

Maybe… maybe…. Maybe.

All of those are just stories though. They aren’t the truth. Just lame excuses for not committing myself to something and seeing it through.

Whatever the “why” was is based off of fear.

Fear of my idea not being smart enough, good enough, big enough, cool enough, creative enough, inspirational enough.

Fear of being rejected. Fear of being a failure. Fear of judgement. Fear of whatever anyone else thinks. 

Just fear.

Fear stopped me and I no longer decide to live in fear.

I no longer decide to let fear control my life, my decisions, my actions, my projects, my life.

Fear stands for “false evidence appearing real.”

It’s not real. Nothing is real. I get to decide what is real. Not fear.


Love is real. Love is the only thing that truly exists. Inside each of us. Inside everything.

I choose to live in love. Live through love. Live for love. And of course, like my tattoo on my left wrist says, live to love.

I don’t know why I haven’t completed things. It doesn’t matter because now that I have committed to live the rest of my life through love, I will be guided. I will be inspired. I will be on the path of love.

Making decisions from a place of flow, abundance, and magic.

Nothing will be wrong, or hard or a problem. Just something that is. Something that I will learn from. Grow from. Love from.

I create, I ideate, I am constantly inspired.

I am living through spirit. To be inspired is to be in spirit.

Hence the old youtube and Instagram name, inspired spirit.

I will continue to let spirit live through me as inspiration, creativity and wisdom so I can live in love and be a beneficial presence on the planet.

Fear doesn’t serve me, I choose love. Every time.